Welcome to the innovative, diverse and fun International Age Play Games! Beyond Age Play created the International Age Play Games to cater to and celebrate the vast diversity of age play. We are excited to reach out to all the diverse age players within our local, national and international communities who are 18+ years of age. The International Age Play Games are all-inclusive.  Sash winners in each of the 3 age categories will have no obligations except to share about the event Beyond Age Play and to educate others as they can.  There will be one sash winner from each age player category and there will be ribbons for many surprise categories as well.  **IMPORTANT: If you want to watch the IAPG but aren’t coming to the full event, please join us and register online for your $20 admission here


  • 1: ABDL/Little   
  • 2: Middles – can choose caregiver depending on their headspace 
  • 3: Big/Caregiver


  • Talent Portion 
  • 3 min Speech – any topic that speaks to you
  • Games – Pre-Arranged Games Unknown to Players
  •  Judges Pop Question