What is the age restriction? We are 18+ with legal photo ID. No ID no entrance, no refund, no excuses.  

Where is the convention? In Central Florida. And the exact location will be emailed once you register. 

Is the hotel additional? YES and costs $70+tax per night which includes continental breakfast, free wifi, microwave and mini fridge.

What are the registration hours? Registration is Friday 11:30a – 2:00p and the fun begins at 1:00. 

Can I volunteer and support the conference? Absolutely. We cannot do alone what we can do together. 

If I volunteer is there any compensation? Since this is our first year we ask for your support by registering. To help this event have a successful, fun and safe play weekend any time you would like to volunteer feel free to jump in where needed.

How do I pack for the weekend? We allow dresses, baby clothes, onsies in all areas. You can wear shirts and undies but you MUST cover diapers AT ALL TIMES. No bits shown at any time any where. Please be respectful.

Are spankings allowed at BAP? We have a time out area where there is a section for spankings. There is No dark age play during the Inaugural year. 

Can I wear diapers at BAP? Our rule is for you to have your diapers covered at all times. No soiled diapers permitted any where at any time.

Is the hotel aware of what we are doing at the conference? While the hotel is aware of what we are about, there might be other guests staying at our hotel such as airline and cruiseline staff who did not consent to our lifestyle.

Can I take pictures at BAP? NO! Photos or recording of any kind is NOT allowed. We will have a photographer taking pictures throughout the weekend. You will wear a RED DOT on your badge if you will allow pictures to be taken. Keep in mind all pictures are owned by Beyond Age Play and will be used for marketing on the website and fetlife. Opting out means you will NOT have a red dot on your registration badge.